hha! Workshop Request Form

hha! Workshop Request Form

Thank you for your interest in an hha! workshop! hha! is a student organization that provides workshops related to health, wellness, and violence prevention.

Requests must be made 2 or more weeks in advance. 

Please fill out as much information below as possible. We are not responsible for ensuring attendance. 

We host weekly workshops every Monday (6:30-8:00), please feel free to reserve that standing workshop, if the time and topic work for you. See events in HeelLife. 

Workshop Descriptions: 

Dimensions of Wellness: 
The Dimensions of Wellness Workshop aims to promote an understanding that wellness is a holistic idea that is fluid and ever changing (not just exercise and nutrition). Dimensions of Wellness includes a personal reflection of own wellness and directs individuals to identify wellness goal to work on. Please note if you request this workshop, you will be directed to a library of pre-recordings of this workshop. Our goal is to match your group to a person of similar experience in order to meet our mission of education and better wellness for ALL.

 Healthy Relationships 101:
The Healthy Relationships Workshop discusses characteristics of healthy relationships, offers skills to help you understand your wants, needs, and boundaries in relationships, and teaches communication strategies to improve relationships.You will consider the aspects of healthy relationships of every kind, including but not limited to: romantic, friend, familial, residential, etc.  

Creating Consent Culture:
Creating Consent Culture educates participants about the importance of consent in our daily lives and engages participants to identify and practice giving and receiving consent. The concept of consent is nuanced and expanded to apply to more than just sexual activity and applies the components of consent to everyday interactions between people. Finally, the workshop encourages participants to consider how practicing consent contributes to a culture of consent that is safer and more inclusive for everyone. 


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